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    here you will find:- B.Tech Notes BBA notes MBA notes and other stuff

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    This website is created by RAJAT KAPOOR {rusty cool} in 2011. Main reason to make this site is to create community for students where all students of same feilds can commute with each other and they can help their mates.

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    Time is very important for students, and every student want to reduce that time which is used by writing or collecting notes. Here we are providing all notes for students and this can help to reduce time wastage.

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Contact Studentsuvidha admin at [email protected] or [email protected]

best way to contact StudentSuvidha staff or admin of studentsuvidha is to post on our forum Support zone. there we can provide better assistment to you. If you have some personal query which you cant post publicly then please pm Admin.{rusty cool} on Studentsuvidha bulletin board or you can mail at [email protected] we are always here to help each and every students from everywhere. We are trying to upload all notes of btech, bcom and other fields. we will provide all tutorials of language and autocad soon stay connected with Studentsuvidha forum hope you will enjoy your stay.

we provide all study materials such as notes, question papers, solved papers, hand written notes from each branches of all universities in india at our Forum Dont forget to register there.